Treating Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism treatment helpAlcohol is the most abused substance in America, causing the most damage to society. Therefore effectively treating alcoholism is crucial to reducing the problem.

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What is Alcoholism?

Conventional medicine has labeled alcoholism as a disease, but it is treatable and can be overcome. There are many contributing factors to alcoholism including genetic factors, environmental influences and mental dispositions. To address only one of these issues rarely solves the problem, therefore indicating a more holistic approach as being most effective.

One way of defining alcoholism is the uncontrollable urge to continue to drink despite any and all consequences. Effective treatment will not only reduce the urge, but put the person back in control over his or her life.

How is Alcoholism Treated?

alcoholism treatment programsWhile Aloholics Anonymous (AA) has been helping millions of people since it began in the 1930's, it is primarily a support group and not purely a form of treatment in itself. Most facilities throughout the country do use the 12-step approach as a core function of their programs, especially since there are group meetings that can be attended in almost any town in America as part of an aftercare or support network.

In addition to the basic method or core program used, a successful treatment should also include appropriate detoxification procedures, address whether or not medications should be used, offer one-on-one counseling sessions and be able to identify trouble areas in life that need to be overcome on an individual basis in order to remain sober.

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